Helllloooooo Spring!

Ok people, it’s time to get the sunroof open, summer tires on, and take a drive!! it’s going to be 80 degrees here in the NE next week, let’s get ready to enjoy it!!!!  

Winter Driving Tips

Here’s some simple, helpful tips from the Weather Channel for driving in the winter: http://www.weather.com/life/safety/autosafety/article/winter-driving-in-snow-and-ice_2011-10-07

Snowy Driving

Reminders about leaving extra space between you and car in front. Also, test your brakes before you really need them. Nothing is worse than the feeling of braking and not slowing down.

Fog Lights or High Beams

This time of year driving on back roads can be a bit treacherous, deer, fog, ice,etc. I find the high beams useful when there is no fog. Fog lights when there is fog or you need to see the detail of the road, potholes etc.

Road Trip Checklist

Lots of folks on the roads already headed out of town for the holiday. Some simple yet important things to check before you hit the road; tire pressures, oil, coolant, wiper condition, washer fluid, and your bring your cell phone. Happy motoring!

Great Deals

If you are in the market to buy a car, this is a good time to do it. Often December is a slow month for the dealers and they are incentivized to move cars off the lot.