Car Shuttle for Maintenance: If you dont’ have time to take your car in for maintenance, etc. We will shuttle your car in for you. It’s off your plate and onto ours. Consider it done.

Car Buying/Selling: We will research, find, and negotiate the deal for you. We represent the client in the car buying and selling process. Best deal to date is $12,000 off of sticker price!

Membership: You can even be a member of The KAR-MA Continuous Car Care Club! This program insures that the basics on your automobile are maintained. This means monthly checks of the following: oil, coolant, brake, power steering, window washer fluid levels, tire pressure and more!

Opti-Sell: A complementary assessment for the approximate value of your car. It is designed to help determine when to sell or trade-in. If it makes sense to move forward, the The KAR-MA will help in facilitating the purchase, sale, lease, trade-in of your next car.


  • Mini-Detail car wash, inside and out, every month
  • Serving as your advocate at the service provider
  • Basic fluids and tire pressure checked monthly
  • Spare key service
  • Records of repairs kept on file for easy access and accurate service.
  • Access to The KAR-MA automotive resource network
  • Discounts at preferred KAR-MA vendors
  • Peace of mind knowing your car is getting special care — because we love cars!


  • Full detailing service network
  • Facilitation of auto sales or purchases
  • Trusted insurance network to help you find a policy that’s right for you.
  • NY State Dept. Motor Vehicle Assistance (NY DMV)
  • Mobile NY State Notary Public Service

Call Dawn Morrison at 518-461-2424 today for an free initial appointment and your first comprehensive report on your auto to start saving money.

The KAR-MA LLC looks forward to serving you and your car-care needs!


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