Road life here in upstate NY has been plagued with nasty potholes lately. Drive carefully especially at night with wet roads. You can’t see the landmine potholes. I’ve blown out two tires and bent a rim inside of 30 days…word to the wise!

Tire Pressures

Learned new thing today. Some vehicles have the ability to read what the tire pressures are for each tire so manual read not needed-love technology!  

More AAA praise

Found out yet another thing that AAA does, fix flats. They will come with their truck and fix it on the spot, plug a nail hole, etc.

Defensive Driving

Just registered for a NY State approved defensive driving class. The name of it sounds odd to me….being defensive while driving, might actually add to the road rage. I’m taking it for point reductions on my liscence and percentage off on insurance,...

Internet car shopping

Gotta love technology. I have a client who wants me to find a certain car so of course i make my phone calls to my contacts. Then I get on-line because one of my people suggested it and I’m pleasantly surprised with how much can be found with some refined...