Car Engine 101

This is a simple way to understand what’s under the hood.

Automotive Industry News

Here’s the latest on what’s coming this year:

Battery Help

This is pretty cool to have if you have a dead battery….

Jobs for Women

Who would have thought that there would be a job demand for women in the automotive industry?! Check out this link

Get the Salt Off

Here in the Northeast salt on the roads is a part of life in the winter. Super important to wash your car frequently as salt will eat away at metal if there is anything exposed. The slightest nicks into the paint can start it. Once rust starts, it’s a chase game...

New Years Resolutions

As it relates to automobiles, what would this look like for each of us? We all have different values as it relates to our cars however, it’s an important part of our lives, an extension of ourselves in some ways. Funny, a dear friend of mine once commented that...