Shop Around

It’s good to periodically check out other insurance carrier rates. Once every six months or so, you may be surprised at the difference in rates. Certainly doesn’t hurt to save some money.

The Detail

I must say the value of a good solid detail by trained professionals is of an aesthetic but also of practicum. There is nothing like getting into a car that looks like it just came off of the showroom floor. Not to mention keeping the car in good shape helps when it...

Car Wash Deals

Good to wash your car as much as possible during the winter as it has been established that salt eats cars…..if there is any exposed metal. Many local car wash companies have deals to encourage frequent use, shop around.

A Nice Thing to Do

When buying a new car, the dealer will offer a package that puts extra proctectant on the upolstery  and paint of the car. In the long run anything to help protect the car especially with Northeast winters is a good thing. Mother nature is certainly not forgiving...

Rubber Floor Mats

Highly recommend getting these for the winter months. Totally saves the salt getting into the carpet. The best I’ve seen yet are from Weather-Tech and they are made to fit your car.

Winter Driving Tips

Here’s some simple, helpful tips from the Weather Channel for driving in the winter:

Doin Donuts!

Rear wheel drive cars have the advantage in the winter time to have some fun with a fish-taily back end. Reminds me of some old school TV shows.

Regular Maintenance

It pays to spend a few hundred bucks now on regular service maintenance as opposed to several thousand down the road because things weren’t looked after.

When all else fails, read directions

My Mom used to half tease me about this when I was a kid, i would dive into the task and wonder why I was failing! Simple things like tire pressure sensor monitors…save yourself some time and read the manual for the how-to’s.