Benefits of THE KAR-MA CCC Program

The KAR-MA Continuous Car-Care Program insures that your vehicle, your investment, your baby is looked after once a month for all the basics: oil changes, coolant replacement, brake checks, power-steering, window washer fluid levels, tire pressure and more.

Other Benefits to your vehicle include:

  • Trusted insurance agents, if you need help with your insurance needs.
  • Car-care washing. We take extra care washing your car inside and out, every month
  • Serving as your advocate at the service provider. We get the best deals and steepest discounts possible.
  • Spare key service. Locked out of your car? No problem, give us a call and we’ll come over and let you in!
  • File kept of repair records. We keep a comprehensive overview and detailed records of all of your repairs, maintenance paperwork, insurance information as well as any warranty information you provide us.
  • Access to The KAR-MA automotive resource network. With trusted service providers, we’re confident that we can help service your vehicle, no matter what it needs.
  • Peace of mind knowing your car is getting special care — because we love your wheels as much as you do!