Check Engine Light

Always good to check it out at your local service provider. Could be any number of things but best to address before the light goes from yellow to red.

Car Biz

Overheard a conversation today about a car deal at a dealership involving a used and new car. The dealers are hungry to move cars especially this time of year however they are a business and are in it to make a profit. Nothing wrong with this at all, consumer needs to...

Maintenance Records

I find it very useful to save the receipts of repair records. It is a quick and easy way to reference what has been done on the car for maintenance regardless if it was at the dealer or elsewhere. Saves a phone call too. Plus, whoever buys the car next will want that...

Shop Around

It’s good to periodically check out other insurance carrier rates. Once every six months or so, you may be surprised at the difference in rates. Certainly doesn’t hurt to save some money.

The Detail

I must say the value of a good solid detail by trained professionals is of an aesthetic but also of practicum. There is nothing like getting into a car that looks like it just came off of the showroom floor. Not to mention keeping the car in good shape helps when it...