About Us


It is a service that takes care of all your car’s automotive needs saving you money, time, and stress. We are here to help you preserve the value of your time, car, and assist you with a very important tool in your life, your car. When you become a member of The KAR-MA LLC, we become your trusted advocate.


The idea for the KAR-MA LLC came about in 2005 when a few friends who share a passion for cars began brainstorming new business ideas. Dawn Morrison is the primary promoter of this vision. She is a lifelong lover of automobiles — BMW’s in particular — and brings a wealth of hands-on knowledge to this role. She started out doing her own oil changes and bodywork on her first car, a 1972 Plymouth Duster and has been hooked on cars ever since.

The KAR-MAMorrison2015_225edit takes care of your car. We hope you will let us serve you, and we are looking forward to showing you just how much we care about you, your vehicle, and your time.

Call/Text: 518 461 2424

Email: dawn@thekarmallc.com

Mail: The KAR-MA LLC 5 Southside Dr 11-146 Clifton Park, NY 12065